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Submission Instruction

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Submission Instruction of Papers in Military Caring Science Journal
The system for submitting papers, designed to get papers from users, allows you to review the status of an manuscript at any time, modify the paper by users, and communicate effectively between the Editor-in-Chief and the authors, for each manuscript.
This system takes all the steps to register the author’s profile, register the manuscript's specification, review the papers, state the manuscript's status, and comment on them. The steps are as follows:
  1. Register at site
  2. Sending the paper
  3. Follow-up paper
 Register at site: You must register as a user in the database to submit the manuscript. So complete the site membership form. This form will be available at the following address:

  • Sending the paper:
Your paper should be submit through the submission form at the following address:

After entering the submission form, the following steps are available to get the manuscript's profile and files:

A. Determine the main characteristics of the article

B. Insert abstract and submit the article file

C. Review article from personal page

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