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Comparison effect of Sedamin capsule and inhaling Lavender essence on sleep quality of hospitalized patients in cardiac care unit .
Hassanzadeh. M1, Sajadi. SA 2, Farsi. Z3
1- MSc of Critical Care Nursing, Iran, Tehran, AJA University of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Nursing
2- MSc in Nursing, Instructor, Iran, Tehran, AJA University of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Nursing, Medical- Surgical Department.
3- Ph.D., Medical-Surgical Nursing, Associate Professor, Iran, Tehran, AJA University of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Nursing, Research and Community Health Department.
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Introduction: Sleep is an important factor in the mental and physical health of individuals. It is a vital need that influences mostly individual’s life quality and their activities during awakening. Lack of sleep has been addressed as a risk factor of coronary arteries diseases. Studies have reported on the relationship between sleep disorders and increased risk of coronary artery arteries diseases.
Objective: This study aimed to compare the effect of Sedamin capsule and inhalation of Lavender smell on sleep quality of patients at the cardiac care unit.
Materials and Methods: The present study is a randomized clinical trial carried out on 120 patients at the cardiac care unit of Aja hospital (522 Tabriz) during years 2016 and 2017. Patients were categorized to 3 Sedamin and lavender and control groups (without receiving placebo). First, sleep quality of each of the 3 groups was investigated one day after hospitalization by the sleep questionnaire of Petersburg. Then, intervention group 1 received Sedamin capsules for 14 days. Intervention group 2 inhaled lavender for 14 nights. Then, intervention group 3 received no intervention. After the intervention, sleep quality of the 3 groups was studied by a questionnaire at the end of the first and second week. SPSS22 was applied to analyze the data.
Results: Results obtained from the Kruskal-Wallis test represented a significant difference between the 3 groups in terms of sleep quality on the first and second week of intervention (p<0.05). The results indicated improvement of sleep quality of the 2 intervention groups compared with the control group. Also, comparing the sleep quality between the 2 groups of lavender and sedamine in the first week indicated a decrease in the mean rank of sleep quality in the lavender group compared with the sedamine group, indicating that lavender was more effective than sedamine. However, on the second week there was no significant difference between the 2 Sedamin and lavender groups.
Discussion and Conclusion: This study showed that sedamin capsule and inhalation of lavender cause improvement in sleep quality of patients at the cardiac care unit. Therefore, it could be recommended as an effective and cost-efficient method to improve sleep quality.

Keywords: Cardiac Care, Cardiovascular Nursing, Lavandula, Sleep, Valerian.
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Type of Study: Research | Subject: Special
Received: 2017/08/22 | Accepted: 2017/10/7 | Published: 2017/12/23
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